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Data Table 4 (DT4) is an NCI-designated Cancer Center standard report as defined by the NCI Office of Cancer Centers (OCC) P30 Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) Data Table Guide v3.1.1 and supporting Electronic Data (eData) Guide v3.1.1  This report serves as a report of cancer-related, hypothesis-driven, clinical research studies open at a particular Cancer Center during a specified reporting period.

CTRP-generated DT4 reports are leveraged for CCSG DT4 reporting for the following:

  • Continued support of interventional CTRP-generated Data Table 4 for both competing and non-competing applications
  • Observational CTRP-generated Data Table 4 for non-competing applications began in FY 22 (i.e., Oct 1, 2021)
  • Ancillary-correlative trials continue to be submitted in a Center-generated Data Table 4

Trial Type








Yes (started Fall 2021)


Continue to submit in CCSG template; Center-generated Data Table 4

  • CTRP-generated DT4 (PDF) version:  Used for CCSG Competing Type 2/Renewal applications (limited fields in support of the Competing Data Guide requirements for DT4)
    • Required:  Interventional trials only
    • “Download” - File Type “PDF” report export option
    • Read only; Comments are NOT acceptable
    • Submission Process:  Cancer Center uploads CTRP-generated DT4 (PDF) to the eRA Commons/ASSIST system

  • CTRP-generated DT4 (Excel) version:  Used for CCSG Non-Competing Research Performance Progress Reports (RPPR) applications (fields in support of the Non-Competing eData Guide requirements for DT4) 
    • Required:  Interventional trials and Observational studies only
    • “Download” - File Type “XLSX” (Excel) report export option
    • Comments (Column AD in the report) are acceptable
    • Submission Process:  Cancer Center emails CTRP-generated DT4 (Excel) to the OCC CCSG mailbox  

**The expectation is that each NCI-designated Cancer Center will maintain their own data within CTRP throughout the year and facilitate the CTRP-generated DT4 review and submission process.** 

For CTRP data requests/discrepancies/questions for review, please send emails to the NCI Clinical Trials Reporting Office (CTRO) mailbox   

Please note that the CTRP/CTRO does NOT get copied on your CCSG CTRP-generated DT4 Competing and/or Non-Competing RPPR submissions; therefore, if you have any specific questions and/or data requests, please send a confidential copy of your CTRP-generated DT4 with questions and/or a summary email with your questions to the NCI CTRO

If CCSG policy-specific questions, please reach-out to the OCC/Program Director for your Cancer Center. For more information, refer to the following pages:

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