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During the course of registering a trial, you can save the information you have already provided as a draft, and return to it later. Once you retrieve your draft, you can complete the registration or delete the draft altogether.

How to Complete or Delete Saved Drafts

  1. Retrieve the draft by searching for it using the Search Saved Drafts option. (For details, refer to Searching for Trials.) Saved draft records are listed on the Search Results page.

    Saved Draft Search Results page
  2. Do one of the following in the appropriate Action column on the right side of the table:
    1. To delete the record, click Delete. The draft record is deleted from the system permanently.
      - or -
    2. To complete the record, click Complete.

The Register Trial page displays all the information you provided previously. You can complete the rest of the information by following the steps in Registering New Complete Trials.

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