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You can change the Include in XML indicator or the Lead Disease indicator for current records in a given trial.

How to Edit Disease/Condition Indicators

  1. Search for the trial of interest. For instructions, refer to Searching for Trials in PA.

  2. In the search results, click the NCI Trial Identifier link for that trial. The Trial Identification page appears.

  3. On the Trial Identification page, check out the trial. For instructions, refer to Checking In and Checking Out Trials. (This checkout step is optional for Super Abstractors.)

  4. On the Scientific Data menu, click Disease/Condition. The Trial Disease/Condition page appears, with disease or condition records displayed.

  5. Click the Edit icon. The Edit Disease/Condition page appears.

  6. To include or exclude the disease/condition in the XML document for submission to, select or clear the Include in XML check box respectively.
  7. To designate the disease/condition as the Lead Disease, select the Lead Disease check box. A trial can have one or more diseases/conditions as the Lead Disease.
  8. Click Save. The edited record is displayed on the Disease/Condition page.


  1. Primary or Lead Disease?  "You can change the Include in XML indicator or the Primary indicator for current records in a given trial."

    1. Thanks. The current page lists Primary, but the UI is Lead Disease. Updated.