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The procedure for searching for an organization registered in the CTRP is the same throughout the application, whether you are searching for a lead organization, funding source, or other role. You can enter a series of characters in any of the search fields (except the PO ID, which must be an exact match) to narrow the search results.

How to Look Up Registered Organizations

  1. Click the Search Organizations tab, or on the toolbar, select Search > Organizations.
    The Search Organizations page appears.
    Search Organizations tab
  2. Provide as much information as you can about the organization you are looking for. You can enter the Organization Identifier (PO ID) or Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program (CTEP) Identifier. You must enter search criteria in at least one field. The PO ID you enter for your search criterion must be exact and complete. That is, do not use partial IDs or wildcards.
  3. Click Search.
    The search results appear in a new tab.
    Search Results tab with a list of organizations
    To control which columns appear in your search results, click Choose Columns.
    A list of the available columns appear. Clear the check boxes for those columns you do not want to display.
    Checklist of columns
    If the lead organization is not listed, you may have searched too narrowly (that is, you may have provided too much information about the organization). If the list of results is very long and contains many organizations that are similar to the one you are searching for, you can narrow your search by providing more information.

  4. If the organization does not appear in the results table, do one of the following to modify your search:

    1. To broaden your search so that more organizations are listed in the search results, delete one or more of your criteria. For example, if you searched by part of the organization’s name, city, state, and zip code in your original search, you may want to search by state alone.
      -or -

    2. To narrow your search so that fewer organizations are listed in the search results, provide more about your organization. For example, if you searched by state in your original search, you may want to search by city in addition to the state.

  5. If you still don’t find your organization in the system, you can ask the CTRO to create the organization record. To do so, follow the instructions in Requesting Creation of an Organization Record.
  6. To link to an organization to the trial, click its PO-ID value.
    The organization’s name you selected appears in the Family Name field.

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