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If you are a Site Administrator, you can specify the local trial ID for each of the trials described in Managing Data Table 4 Information for Your Center.
  1. On the toolbar, click Administration > Manage DT4 Information > Manage DT4 Information for Your Center. A page by that name appears.

  2. In the row for the trial of interest, in the Local Trial ID column, enter your site's ID for the trial:
    1. Click the existing value (or Empty). A text box appears.

    2. Change the value or enter a new one. When done, click the check mark. The system saves your changes.

The system does not use the Local Trial ID column to generate the Data Table 4 Report. Field values will not be copied into the Center Local Trial ID field (in Registration) of the Data Table 4 report. For instructions on generating that report, refer to Running CTRP Data Table 4 Reports.


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