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CTRP allows you to choose one of the following values when specifying the main reason for conducting the trial.

CTRP Primary Purpose ValueDefinition
TreatmentProtocol is designed to evaluate one or more interventions for treating a disease, syndrome, or condition.
PreventionProtocol is designed to assess one or more interventions aimed at preventing the development of a specific disease or health condition.
Supportive CareProtocol is designed to evaluate one or more interventions where the primary intent is to maximize comfort, minimize side effects or mitigate against a decline in the subject's health or function. In general, supportive care interventions are not intended to cure a disease.
ScreeningProtocol is designed to assess or examine methods of identifying a condition (or risk factors for a condition) in people who are not yet known to have the condition (or risk factor).
DiagnosticProtocol is designed to evaluate one or more interventions aimed at identifying a disease or health condition.
Health Services ResearchProtocol is designed to evaluate the delivery, processes, management, organization, or financing of health care.
Basic ScienceProtocol is designed to examine the basic mechanism of action (e.g., physiology, biomechanics) of an intervention.
Device Feasibility

An intervention of a device product is being evaluated in a small clinical trial (generally fewer than 10 participants) to determine the feasibility of the product; or a clinical trial to test a prototype device for feasibility and not health outcomes. Such studies are conducted to confirm the design and operating specifications of a device before beginning a full clinical trial.

OtherAny purpose not described above.

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