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You must provide a Lead Organization trial identifier for each trial you register. Optionally, provide a Identifier.

Trial Identifiers section of Register Trial page
How to Complete the Trial Identifiers Section

Select or enter the appropriate information in the text fields and drop-down lists. The following table describes the fields. An asterisk (*) indicates a required field.

Instructions for recording Trial Identifiers for Complete trials

Field Label


Lead Organization Trial Identifier*

Enter the unique identification assigned to the protocol by the sponsoring organization, exactly as it appears in the protocol document. For Inter-Group trials, type the Lead Group's trial number. For multi-site trials that have no assigned single center, use the protocol ID, for example, NSAGP-B-40. Identifier

If the trial has been submitted to previously, enter the number assigned to the trial by PRS (

The CTRP renamed the previous identifiers "NCT Number" and "NCT ID" to " Identifier".

You cannot change the Identifier once you have added it. If you need to make changes thereafter, contact the CTRO at

When you submit the trial, the system checks the identifier you entered to ensure that no other registered trial has the same one. The system displays an error message if it finds another trial with the same identifier. If this occurs, check the number you entered and try again. If you are certain that the number you entered is correct, contact the CTRO at

Other Trial Identifier

Enter an additional trial identifier such as unique identifier from other registries, NIH grant numbers, or protocol numbers assigned by the Review Board, and then click Add Other Identifier. Repeat this step for each additional identifier.
The ID you added is displayed in the Other Identifier list.
To delete an identifier you have added, in the Action Column, click Delete.

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