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Sample Description Used in Examples

As described in NCL200612A, the objective of the Dendritic Nanotechnologies, Inc.-NCL collaboration is to characterize a PAMAM dendrimer with an associated gadolinium chelate MRI contrast agent. The nanomaterials submitted for testing at the NCL were (NCL20) G4 tris (hydroxyl) terminated PAMAM dendrimer, (NCL21) G4 pyrrolidinone terminated PAMAM dendrimer, (NCL22) G4.5 COONa terminated PAMAM dendrimer, (NCL23) G4.5 COONa terminated PAMAM dendrimer-Magnevist® complex, (NCL25) G4 tris (hydroxyl) terminated PAMAM dendrimer-Magnevist® complex, and (NCL26) G4 pyrrolidinone terminated PAMAM dendrimer-Magnevist® complex. Commercially available Magnevist® (NCL24) was used as a control. NCL studies addressed in this report can be divided into three main categories: physicochemical characterization, immunotoxicology, and in-vitro toxicology.

Optional Files

Structure File

The structure file describes the 3D composition of the material and is not included in the ISA-TAB specification. The structure file is an optional file and typically developed for modeling and simulation activities in support of structure-activity-relationships (SAR). The ability to develop this file requires a detailed understanding of the 3D composition of the particles and the ability to represent each atom of the nanomaterial and relationships to other atoms. The structure file is referenced from the material file.

Since there are no standard structure files for nanotechnology, investigators can include structure files of any format.

Data File

Data files are optional files that can include additional spreadsheets, images, histograms, distribution graphs, and so forth. Data files are referenced within an assay file under a column header of “image file” or “derived file.”

There are no standard data file formats for nanotechnology. In gene expression studies, these files typically refer to array data files such as the Affymetrix.cel file and derived array data files. Since there are no standard data files for nanotechnology, investigators can include any data files and images associated with an assay.

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