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This document is a section of the Loader Guide. It was formerly the LexEVS 5.0 Supported Loaders guide.

LexEVS 5.x includes the loaders listed in this document. You can also create your own loaders using the Loader Framework extension.

NCI MetaThesaurus Loader

Validates and/or loads the complete NCI MetaThesaurus. Content is supplied in RRF format. Note: To load individual coding schemes, consider using the UMLS_Loader as an alternative.

OBO Loader

Validates and/or loads content provided in Open Biomedical Ontologies (OBO) text format.

OWL Loader

Validates and/or loads content provided in Web Ontology Language (OWL) XML format. Note that for LexEVS phase 1 this loader is designed to specifically handle the NCI Thesaurus as provided in OWL format.

Text Loader

A loader for delimited text type files. Text files come in one of two formats: indented code/designation pair or indented code/designation/description triples.

UMLS Loader

Load one or more coding schemes from UMLS RRF format stored in a SQL database.

MetaData Loader

Validates and/or loads content provided in metadata xml format. The only requirement of the xml file is that it be a valid xml file.

NCI History Loader

A loader that takes the delimited NCI history file and applies it to a coding scheme.

OBO History Loader

Load an OBO change history file.