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Initial Reporting Checklist:

  • Instructions for recreating the issue including a code snippet if appropriate
  • Full Stack trace from any errors
  • Tier location or URL of the application accessed
  • Link to or zip of logs
  • Client Version of LexEVS if appropriate
  • Target terminology version

Service Review Checklist

  • Target Service is running
  • Target Service LexEVS API is correct version
  • Target Service LexEVS Loader is correct version
  • Target terminology version on server exists in data base
  • Target terminology index exists
  • External value set definitions installed
  • External value set definitions resolved to coding schemes
  • External value set coding scheme indexes are present
  • Asserted value set definitions installed
  • Asserted value set indexes are created
  • Target Service properties point to correct configuration file
  • Target Service configuration is correct

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