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  • Discuss Lyubov's comments on the purpose of this meeting

Discussion items

30 min

Timeline for evaluation

  • What are interim and final goals
  • What are deliverables
  • What are our strengths and weaknesses


  • Inventory
  • Work Hours
  • Proposed architecture
    • Road map to get there
    • Identified critical services
    • Settle on search engine
    • Reporting
    • Mapping
    • Security
  • LexEVS
    • What can be kept
    • What should be discarded
  • Metathesaurus in Triplestore
    • What needs to be stored to be functional
    • What does not need to be stored
    • What does Lyubov want

Spring security risks

  • Jacob said we could do a nessus scan of server to see if it raises and security issues
  • Evaluate what updates are needed as we put REST in front of LexEVS
  • Look at high level risks - respond to scan once done. 6-8 weeks?
    • How hard will it be to dump RMI
  • Jason said fire wall exceptions being re-evaluated.
  • Client uptake - CTS and caDSR
    • Find CTS code repository
  • Official recommendation - deprecate RMI.


  • Capacity of what are current tools can do
    • Check spreadsheet for function list - expand as needed
    • What services are not being used
  • Team members -
    • Corey and Scott full time until Aug 2018
    • Rob and Tracy Operations
    • NG - 3 FTEs splitting hours
  • MSC editors for review, editing, reporting

Plan for next week - deep dive into spreadsheet list of services. Identify what can be broken out

30 min

Focus on mapping capacity

  • What tools do we have
  • What tools do we need

Semantic(logical) vs lexical


  • NCBO loom mapping
  • Meta-mapping
  • Dr Liu value set informed mapping

Specific requirement - tool for review, approval, adjustment

How to get Metathesaurus in TripleStore

  • Map LexEVS entities to RDF one by one
  • Load final Meta RDF to TripleStore

RFI for mapping tool?

Mapping meeting
Kim has triplestore based mapping tool - using stemmer as starting point.

Action items

  • Check with Jacob Mensah to see if Nessus scan scheduled
  • Tracy - find CTS code repository.  Contact Kumar, Tony Fu.  
  • All - review features listed in spreadsheet
  • All - identify bullet points for a mapping presentation