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Discussion items

UC Mapping
  • Lyubov doesn't have the data and doesn't have a date for receiving it.  Will need to use another sample data set.  Was agreed that NCIt would be the prototype target
    • George's ICD9 ICD10?  Mapping both of those to NCIt.  Collection of patient level data and data from trials.  Mainly for just diseases but some conceptual entities and procedures.
    • Update of Gene Ontology map? Old but curated map. Smaller map so might be easier.  Focuses on Biological Process.

Kim's mapping

Kim demo'd his application.  Works against any target vocab available through EVSRestAPI. Code in GitHub under 

More detailed

Scott's lucene query

Scott had prototype based on direct lucene query.  Wrap into mapping tool?  ViewJS interface to his tool.

Discrete attributes
Lucene used to group things together, allowing the searching of two properties of an entity at the same time.

LexEVS migration

How do we apply the LexEVS lessons learned to the new TripleStore paradigm.

  • Indexes on LexEVS are built from database.  Results are returned from index
  • Will we need a database backend down the road to aid searches and mapping.  Indexes don't have hierarchies so those would need stored.

NCI MetaMap
Put out by NLM.  There is some proprietary stuff.  Rob thinks the normalization is pretty good.

Action items