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Author:  Craig Stancl, Scott Bauer, Cory Endle
Team:  LexEVS
Contract:  16X237
Client:  NCI CBIIT
National Institutes of Heath
US Department of Health and Human Services

Contents of this Page

The purpose of this document is to capture proposed agenda topics for the 2018 technical face to face meeting with NCI EVS Teams.


Thursday, October 11, 2018


10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Room 4W032Cory, Kim, Rob, Scott, Tracy, Jason, Craig


  • Categorize JIRA items

  • Remove JIRA items no longer needed

  • Prioritize JIRA items based on F2F discussions



Discussion Points: 


  • Reviewed LexEVS (25)
    • LEXEVS-3661 - No longer needed. Resolved
    • LEXEVS-3839 - Still needed - awaiting for content to be loaded on Prod.
    • LEXEVS-3134 - Can be used a a requirement for new Admin GUI.
    • LEXEVS-3334 - Problem still exists, need to determine if still a concern.
    • LEXEVS-2965 - Problem still exists.
    • LEXEVS-2959 - Problem still exists. Move to active.
    • LEXEVS-2822 - Problem still exists. Move to active.
    • LEXEVS-2523 - Still needed - awaiting final requirements. Tracy will investigate and update appropriately.
    • LEXEVS-2500 - No longer needed. Resolved
    • LEXEVS-2460 - Problem still exists. Move to active.
    • LEXEVS-2253 - Still needed. Move to active.
    • LEXEVS-2218 - Problem still exists. Create a new JIRA item to "Provide Cleanup on Failure" and close this item.
    • LEXEVS-2131 - This issue is resolved. Resolved.
    • LEXEVS-2020 - Problem still exists. Move to active.
    • LEXEVS-1627 - No longer needed. Resolved.
    • LEXEVS-1461 - Verify and Resolve.
    • LEXEVS-1413 - No longer needed. Resolved.

Decision Points:

  • Further time needs to be spent to review backlog.

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