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Author:  Craig Stancl, Scott Bauer, Cory Endle
Team:  LexEVS
Contract:  16X237
Client:  NCI CBIIT
National Institutes of Heath
US Department of Health and Human Services

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The purpose of this document is to capture proposed agenda topics for the 2018 technical face to face meeting with NCI EVS Teams.


Wednesday, October 10, 2018

9:00 AM - 11:00 AMRoom TE420Lyuba, Sherri, Rob, Tracy, Kim, Jason, Scott, Cory, Craig, Stephanie LipowTechtalk.pptx


  • Findings and Proposals
    • API Services
    • LexEVS Model Changes - OWL2



Discussion Points: 

EVS API Services

  • Determine a level of governance and architecture for EVS related services.
  • Work with the caDSR team to transition from remote API to REST Services. (TBD?)
  • Propose ability to capture usage statistics for analytics of what types of queries are being run, content searched, etc.
  • Determine a REST service for Metathesaurus and determine best how to support the end users.
  • Continued transition of stand alone coding systems to EVS REST API.
  • Transition of LexEVS search knowledge to the EVS API development team
    • utilize the services spreadsheet
  • Provide LexEVS resources to help with EVS API.
  • Investigate infrastructure considerations (cloud environments?).
  • Single Service coverage (provide single search mechanism)
    • REST Service for Meta
    • LexEVS API


  • Users will change and will need to be accommodated.
  • Additional terminology requirements will also need to be accommodated.
  • There are no immediate needs that need to be satisfied.
  • Mapping (anticipated needs/requirements)
    • Mappings between models - data elements (OMOP, PCORI, etc) will also need to map to terminologies. (cancer data aggregator)
    • Mapping from LexEVS sources to external sources. (capture as a JIRA item)
    • "rule-based" mapping (capture as JIRA item)
      • Model to represent the map
      • API services for the mapping
      • Method of mapping and capturing learning algorithms(?)
  • Priorities
    • Continued MetaT support
    • Continued stand-alone terminology support
    • Mapping Support - mapping to external sources
    • Evaluation and propose best approach (EVS REST API and LexEVS team collaboration)
      • Identify the queries for MetaT
      • Improve and extend current functionalities
      • Pain points
      • Determine best case suggestions
      • Consider mapping use cases

Model Changes (OWL)

  • Complex Classes need to be addressed somehow - LexEVS or not.
  • Micro services should be considered for providing services to provide OWL content (micro service using the triple store)


  • Not an immediate requirement
  • Implementation would be fairly significant.

Admin UI

  • Continue to use the GUI as it is
  • Consider to look at the dashboard viewer (query)


  • not an immediate requirement.

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