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Discussion items

Demo tomorrow

Anything needed

LexEVS 6.4
Shutdown July 2019 finally got this a ticket in CTRP/CTS.  They might now be requesting aid


Natalia said a JSON client would be helpful.  They are accustomed to receiving objects and moving to REST means they will need to convert from JSON to objects.  They would like some support to do so.

  • What kind of objects are they using?  Iterators?  Individual objects?
  • Bring it up with Lyubov tomorrow

LexEVS and Rest API for mapping
Both relational and TS have weaknesses.  LexEVS has performance issues when you resolve a node with a hierarchy under it.  Some TS have performance issues querying graphs and require a graph on top.  Stardog is marketed as a graph database so possibly already supports this.  Further investigation needed.

Action items

  • Check with Lyubov, Craig about creating a JSON interpreter
  • Check Stardog's support of graph queries (Tracy)
  • Tracy - continue interacting with CTRP for migration.  Keep others posted