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Discussion items

Stardog 6Tracy
  • Currently on Stage.  Would like to move to Prod with license this week
  • Having trouble finding the old api to test due to stability

Stardog performance testing
TT wants more info on how user/password used in .env file. Might try to contact Ruth

Moving slowly amid team member changes

Mapping prototypeall
  • Editors have the lead in proposing requirements. 
  • Going with Kim's tool as prototype
  • Architecture discussions and other prototypes shrugged off.
  • Scott - start looking at technologies for tool

  • Currently being studied for hierarchy issues
    • One hierarchy had annotation properties that may have been marked as transitive. One didn't seem defined so gave back nothing.
  • Anything EVS ops can do?
    • Check data for "isTransitive" flag.  Check if that property is used in a relationship.

New terminologies

How will we move new terminologies into our system.

Commonalities - metadata ontology


Put in request to add UMLS database to Dev tier

If systems has question, might need to contact John Campbell

Future meetings

Action items

  • Tracy - database request for UMLS MySQL
  • Tracy - send metadata ontology