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Discussion items

  • Wiki issues – unstable for the past week.
    • Will affect LexEVS deployment? – up to Swathi.  If she has it deployed already then we should be good.  Need to check with her.
    • Will affect browser deployment? – all Jenkins
    • Other problems – and suggestions – no major issues
  • OBIB loader coordination –
    • Transitive object properties that don’t define anything
    • Anonymous classes getting transitive relationships defined.
    • Check OBIB vs a reasoner? It does load in Protege
  • Meta release next week – ready to update UMLS and MetaBatch on DataQA?
    • Barracuda needs to be applied to Stage and Prod
    • Drivers for loading and querying the database need to be 37 or higher – already are on DataQA
  • caDSR – have discovered 2 tools that won’t work in Java11 and don’t have resources to fix.  Unlikely to migrate at all
  • Docker deployment of LexEVS? Waiting for response from Cuong.

Action items