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Discussion items


Going from 5 to 2 serversAll

How much hard drive space do we need

Stardog 20G right now

LexBIG index

How do we divide the work?

Processing and loading are resource intensive

DataQA could be on a VM

Prod vs Dev chains

Dev requires loading - how do we keep that separate from production data?

We need an environment for processing and loading for production chain

We need a separation between that and the software development.

Stage as fallback - replaced by VM?

Lot of tasks to rethink the entire architecture


Need failover for Prod

Need wall between production data and software development

Need loading and processing on physical server

Need close watch on performance of indexes and database over network

Prep for QA next week
Get new OBIB and NCIt loads using last week's snapshot

Action items

  • Load OBIB and NCIt using last loader snapshot.