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Discussion items

Prod vs Dev chainsTracy

Server space - 240G storage

Includes software and indexes. Does not included MySQL

  • Processing server - 39g
  • DataQA - 27g - ranges up during loads
  • Dev - 48g
  • QA - 40G

Division of services

Install VM software on the dedicated servers?

Will MySQL be local?

TestVM of architecture

Create a VM for testing of software performance.

  • Architecture design of the VM. Where is database and indexes?
  • Scott has some performance tests written but more may be needed.
  • LexEVS server stack - including browsers

See if a VM could be used for Stage and DataQA

QA week aftermath
  • Yahia back and fixing what was broken

QA next steps
  • Some bugs discovered and being worked on, about 3 of them. Work starting today
  • Loader status -
    • OBI still no hierarchy
    • CDISC Glossary fix working

AWS data setup

Focusing on AWS right now for Stardog deployment

Need to inventory what is on Stardog right now

What are the maintenance tasks

QA specs should be similar to dev

Action items

  • Scott/Corey review performance testing capabilities for LexEVS/CTS2
  • Request meeting with Systems next Tuesday to discuss testing VM for new architecture
  • Tracy - review Matt's AWS specs
  • Tracy - finish write up of Stardog servers/ similar to LexEVS