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Discussion items

LexEVS Release
  • Current status - Swathi continuing verification work
  • CTS2/URI Resolver still to be worked on
    • 1.1.1 version on Dev and QA
    • Database updated from Dev
    • 6.5.2 never released so those changes going into 6.5.3

Data load/reload
  • NCIt
    • 19.08d loaded with concept_status under 6.5.2
    • Will need reload under 6.5.3
  • Meta
    • Will be getting new export this month
    • Test previous meta on 6.5.3 on Dev as test?
  • RRF Standalones
    • Authority qualifiers
    • Map Rank - 6.5.2
  • Other - reload needed to create designation. Designation saying coding_scheme vs value_set, etc, stored in registry
  • NCIt not showing designation on Dev - needs further investigation
    • NPO
    • MGED
    • others ?
  • Will need to reload MRMAP mappings
  • Will need to reload LgXML mappings
  • URI Resolver
    • Look at DataQA and add rows for NCIt version

NCIt Browser
  • Going up at same time as 6.5.3
  • Needed from data
    • NPO
    • obib

  • TT working on Jenkins
    • Needed for stardog autoload
    • ElasticSearch generation
  • Other applications being migrated

Hardware migration
  • Any progress - LexEVS VM for testing.
    • Has no containers or other setup
    • Need it to have similar setup to Dev
    • ticket submitted last week

  • LexEVS resolves stepwise so iterator is inefficient
  • Scott prototyping an anatomy graph that is much more efficient
    • Uses ArangoDB
      • Possible Stardog has this functionality?
    • For each vocab we would have graphs for each association
    • Based on adjacency matrix
    • Would all be handled by the loader
    • We would need to admin the ArangoDB
      • Actual details about administration would need to be determined
      • Is NoSQL database?

Action items

  • Tracy further research of ArangoDB