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Discussion items

Deployment Status
  • Data on DataQA
  • QA testing -looks good
  • Need final tag to do AppScan?
    • Can test now
    • Maybe can avoid testing after final tag
  • Browsers have been tested against 6.5.3

AWS automation

John and Ruth moved to new contract so things may be weird for a while

Need to talk with Lyubov on how to support it. Possibly Kumar as well

Graph database

Scott has a loader in beta status. For now it is a separate step until stabilized.

Need support for this developed on Dev.

The graph is built from non-anonymous nodes (flattened graph)

Working on a test base and logging

So far has focused on NCIt. Need to be tested on larger vocabularies

Original use case - iterator support. Possibly performance improvements

Set up this whole new structure on the new VM? Bring it up tomorrow

  • No news on LexEVS contract. A temporary agreement for September.
  • NG dropped off contract
    • Kim and Jason hired by MSC
  • EVS Leidos contract unchanged
  • EVS Explore in limbo

Action items