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Discussion items

Deployment status
  • Data on Stage
  • Waiting on server deployment to Stage
  • Term Browser still on QA waiting for AppScan to finish

On DataQA

  • Loader at 6.5.3
  • LexEVS server at 6.5.2
  • Browsers at 6.5.2
  • Server and browsers on DataQA updated at same time as Prod
  • Option - update DataQA software to 6.5.3 now?

Monthly baseline Sep 30
  • Includes CDISC quarterly
  • Includes FDA report changes
  • Yang to monitor FTP issues that might affect this

Graph database

Open questions

  • Is nodes and edges adequate?
    • Perhaps the database allows attribute query to bolster
    • This should support Kim's iterator
    • Need government input for final decision. Move forward with what we have for now
  • Is holding only Production version adequate?
    • Should be, especially given that it is supporting the browser
  • Loader performance improvements
    • Possibly multithread using "loader connector"
    • Might not be possible for Metathesaurus due to too many threads
    • Looking at other options for Meta

Current Implementation

  • Waiting on ArangoDB on DataDev
  • Working on a local instance at Mayo and LexEVS load on DataDev
  • Meta will load but takes ~18 hours
  • Will load all types of terminologies but some edge names are problematic
  • Process of data verification will be important and time consuming
  • Service itself will be another week, at least
  • Have started a wiki page and will start posting architecture
  • For now will be a separate script to load into ArangoDB


The website is migrating to AWS but FTP was supposed to be unchanged

The AWS going to copy files from FTP to S3 bucket when updated

Something went awry and we can now not upload to FTP. Gilberto is working with Systems on this

Yang will monitor and keep editors informed



There have been a bunch of servers created for Stage. We will have a meeting next Thursday

Should continue loading to Dev and QA.

Jenkins script should be working for monthly.

Might still be issues with Elastic download step failed and needed repeated multiple times. Will need to be looked at in the future. Might require multiple retries with the Sep 30 monthly


Tracy - Sep 25 - Oct 2 - will be on for 2pm meeting

Scott Sep 26 - Oct 2

Jason Sep 25 - Sep 27

Action items

  • Tracy - use Jenkins to deploy 6.5.3.Final to DataQA
  • Yang - monitor FTP issues