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Discussion items

Deployment 6.5.3
  • Status - UriResolver. Might be down
    • Jason will follow up with Tracy Truong
  • QA testing against Stage had issues with different data
    • Swathi says should be done today
  • Data deployment at same time - Ops would need ticket number
    • Jason will send software deployment ticket and send Yang and Tracy the ticket #
    • Yang or I will enter data deployment with comment "Do at the same time as ticket # x"
  • Metathesaurus indexes were incomplete. I increased memory on the RebuildIndex and LoadMetaBatch scripts
    • Default memory increased, please
    • Tracy will look up and send the current memory that is working

value set config

During main processing value_set_report.config generated and copies to /priv-file-repo/lexevsdb/deploy

Ops needs to manually copy to /local/content/evs/ncitbrowser

Connie knows and will update SOP

Graph DB
  • Ready for formal code review on loader
    • code review Wed or Thurs
  • Still need hooks into the main loader
    • Some issues with names with odd characters
    • Had to build a name processor to parse those
  • Will this work for any vocab?
    • Have tested with OBIB and everything loaded to QA database
    • Meta currently takes 18 hours
  • How will users interact with this?
    • REST calls

Usage stats
  • Sitestats - uses Apache logs
  • Google analytics - how do we access the data generated from here.
    • Admin needs to assign tracking code to each application
    • I can send email to Clint
    • Can GA even look at an API?
  • AWS - not connected to SiteStats
    • Have we been given any guidance on collecting API statistics
    • Ruth had something, Jason will go back and look for it

Action items