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  • Was having memory issues during indexing. Currently working with 32GB assigned
    • java -Xmx32000m -XX:PermSize=256m -Djava.awt.headless=true -cp "../runtime/lbPatch.jar:../runtime-components/extLib/*" org.LexGrid.LexBIG.admin.LoadMetaBatchWithMetadata $@

  • Should be enough RAM on machine to up this if needed

  • Any problems anticipated?

Editors broke value sets
  • Editors forgot that they cannot have empty value sets
  • OWL file edited to add members to errant value set and reloaded
  • Still not working, and not reflecting the new associations in data
    • Data in in database - Concept_In_Subset is the 7048 association predicate
    • associationPredicateGuid sourceEntityCode sourceEntityCodeNamespace targetEntityCode targetEntityCodeNamespace
      15549497048 C155946 ncit C165276 ncit
      15549497048 C90259 ncit C165276 ncit

AWS status
  • Waiting on word that Stage is running
  • Once Stage kicks off we can put QA on 30 day license
  • Then have 30 days to bring old Stage down and adjust promotion process

LexEVS graph API
Scoot discussed code structure for new api

Action items