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Discussion items

Graph iterarator
  • Proposal - ready for sign-off again? Yes
  • Testing status on Dev - Scott working on configuration and documenting lessons.
  • Will add to architecture that it is not supporting remoteAPI
  • What is needed to prep for deploy to QA
    • Instructions for Swathi's testing


  1. AWS
    1. Stage - waiting for firewall and ATO (Authorization to operate - FISMA)
      1. browsers and API up and working
      2. nothing more planned for now
    2. Prod - end of March - possibly escalated due to security issues on-prem
  2. On-prem
    1. QA license lasts until Mid-February
    2. On-prem Stage -
      1. possibly move to 60 day when QA license approaches?
      2. Would need to bring inside firewall to be eligible - need to look at feasibility
      3. Trying to mimic CTRP within new API - if we can do it fast enough we can switch over to AWS. Otherwise will need to update on-prem with security fix.
    3. Prod security issues - spring needs updated due to nessus scan detected flaw.

Dev space issues
Appear clear for now, but do we need to find a niche for Eclipse

Mayo status

Are officially half-time on EVS to support other groups

Action items