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Discussion items

AWS License
  • 60 day license- Need to follow up with TT. Yang will contact
  • Official license - still waiting. TS will look up last years email to see how it was handled

AWS Stage and Prod

Downtime is acceptable as long as we notify users. Possibly a weekly schedule.

Brian will look at other options to dynamically update in the future

Stage visible


Still no response from caDSR - YOLO?

LexEVS Iterator

origin issue = iterator count not accurate and no good way to fix within LexEVS and relational database

Now have a graph database and created new node graph resolution to work with it. Can't easily adjust old CNG due to caDSR dependencies. New NGR not accepted by Kim.

Legacy LexEVS probably not structured in a way to allow new module solutions.

Jason raised idea of what LexEVS contract can handle with external work.


Brainstorm about the future

The NGR is a spring boot that should work against any triplestore.

We have a lot of pieces available but no blueprint for how to put it together.

Right now we are trying to get to "here is a browser and API that we can use". But we originally only had an NCIt vision. Brian adjusted so we can expand.

Need to pull in Brian with Mayo to get a picture.

Challenge on how to handle indexes, etc. Technical discussions need to occur.

Possibly next week at 1PM ET?

Risk introduced that Mayo will be pulled off to critical projects
OperationsNew Metathesaurus

Probably by Thursday. Should be able to process right away

Any conflict with CDISC? Not per Yang

How will we get terminologies into TS? We are able to load all of them except Metathesaurus but need viewability into it.

How do we organize the data for presentation.

How to handle Meta? Break it into individuals and load each?

Secondary tools

Tools editors use for reporting and such. A lot of this has been incorporated into SPARQL query editor.

CDISC tool is major tool being used right now. Would be nice to make this a web-based reporting tool - possibly pulling from EVSRestAPI?

Action items