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Discussion items

LexEVS 6.54
  • Socket time out - discuss with Chuck today
  • New QA load to support CTS2 testing ready today
  • Corey out for 2 weeks - so need to work around for deployment
    • Need to push anything to maven? Yes
    • Talk to Swathi about ability to do tag for Production
  • What data loads do I need to do under 6.54?
    • Meta
    • NCIt

Browser for 6.54

State of browsers for LexEVS?

  • Kim reported browser issue with GO- added LexEVS JIRA issue
    • Scott will examine, see if data issue
  • Otherwise - testing almost done

AWS prod

EVS Export

Mockup to be reviewed with Lori and Lyuba. 

Some partial implementations but still a little chaotic

Stardog 7

Have requested a container for this, will need to check with Chuck.

Action items