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Discussion items

Data loads for QA
  • Up to date?

LexEVS 6.5.4 Status
  • Ready for release per Scott
  • Might need to go back through QA due to Mapping fix
  • Will require browser to update client
  • Will need to cut a new tag

Browsers 6.5.4
xlsx fix implemented and anticipated by end users

Stardog 7 Status

Yang not available - not successful deployment

Put on hold for rest of EVSRestAPI deployment activity

Stardog metadata files/ontology
  • How to implement property types -
    • Currently divided into definitions, synonyms and properties from EVSRestAPI
    • Exporter utilizes these types for presenting to user
    • How are property types determined in EVSRestAPI?
  • How to support other vocabularies eventually
    • Too early to really have this discussion

EVSRestAPI and exporter
  • Performance issues in resolving graphs about triplestore
    • Current descendents call not being used, so can possibly be tweaked to work better
    • What would it look like to resolve a full query with 20k results (example pharmacological substances). 

Action items