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Discussion items

LexEVS 654
  • On Prod - no reported problems

EVS Exporter
  • Corey working on UI
    • Ability to copy/paste multiple concept codes
    • Tree select option
    • Selection summary - shows what you have selected in previous pages
    • Still need an environment on AWS Dev
    • Jenkins build is on the TODO list

  • Update to API dealing with ElasticSearch. Currently on Dev but iffy
  • Some quirkiness with indexing
  • working to support tree view for exporter
  • Brian working on Dev so is not completely stable at the moment

AWS browser
  • Building requirements based on user feedback
  • QA working on scripts

on prem api
  • Having issues getting the Stage URL's to point to Prod.
  • CTRP wants it to test software changes, but we aren't planning any changes so not high priority

Browser updates
  • PDQ link to be eliminated
  • NCIt top level under sources now removed
  • Will ask in next meeting

Data updates
  • 20.07d
  • Will get a new Meta next week

Disjoint issue
  • Exports from Protege are stripping disjoints.
  • Kim had new app to add disjoints back in
  • Need to try a load into LexEVS for that same file.
    • Tracy will check with Lori about getting this file

Action items