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Discussion items

EVS history
  • Update to error messaging
  • performance improvements

Loader automation
  • One touch NCIt load

MySQL test database

Dev server being built next week with copy of current database

Google dependabot
  • Several issues reported to Gilberto. Lucene and Spring listed as high priorities
  • Report is on ops-lexevs, testing programs dependent on LexEVS.  If LexEVS already updated, then we can just update our clients
  • Option - do app scan for LexEVS on QA to see if there are any NIH relevant issues.

Getting closer as QA is closing tickets

EVS Explorer
Also being tested and copacetic with the api release

Protege update to fully byCode
  • Protege editor software has long produced term-source and term-type qualifiers.  Within the next few weeks will be made byCode
  • LexEVS should be able to handle this without issue, but be aware just in case

EVS Metrics
Started draft page at EVS Metrics Dashboard

Action items