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Discussion items

EVS History
  • Did test load but had no performance improvements 
  • Error messaging is improved
  • Waiting on Systems availability to test further.  Meeting on Monday with Chuck

Loader Automation
Meeting later today - Took all load scripts and combined into one

MySQL Test database

I haven't heard more from Cyrus, has anyone else?

  • I replied again to his emails
  • Hoping to hear more at 2PM

OWL2 Loader issues

Linked to moving away from Jena loader.

  • Comments may be loaded incorrectly as properties, need to be examined for OWL1
  • Some things not being completely loaded when source is OWL1
  • Possibly some adjustments can be made to OWL1 source to allow OWL2 unit tests to run.
    • Specifically NPO might need adjustment to be valid for OWL2 loader
    • Will examine issues that raise errors to decide remediation
    • Will discuss further in 2PM


QA team completed round 1 of regression. New tag today to fix 3 errors. One error being triaged. Still hope to finish this week.

EVS Explorer
Waiting behind Rest API but no problems known

Metrics requirements

EVS Metrics Dashboard 

Current google analytics at under account ncievsanalytics

sitestats under

Report Exporter
Been through FIPS so ready to go to Stage soon

Action items