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Discussion items

EVS History
  • Did tracing with Systems. No obvious issues
  • Did test load on DataQA and went smoothly
  • Dev test did reveal some table locks that have now been fixed for -r option

Loader Automation
  • Tested on dev and went well

MySQL Test database
  • Dev database set up
  • Working through SQL issues in local testing.  Might be fine on Dev
    • LEXEVS-5047 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Possibly want to rewrite SQL query at some point, will add note to JIRA

OWL2 Loader issues
  • Met with Gilberto with some follow-up emails to work out details
  • Some leftover OWL1 text in loader can be dropped
  • Impact on browsers?
  • Code review at end

EVS Metrics dashboard

EVS Metrics Dashboard

  • Not seen any activity here.  Need to start considering design
  • Who will be working on this, do we know?
  • Jason looking at Cabana for the API
  • Will have a kickoff after Thanksgiving

  • Vulnerability fix release
  • QA scripts expect specific order of data in scripts

EVS Explorer
Nothing new.

EVS Exporter
  • Some configuration issues
    • memory
    • timeouts on large downloads
  • coordination between API synonym labeling
  • Dropping last Maps_To
  • Possibly need to expand timeout to 2 hours
    • Consider storing files for later retrieval

Tiers and evs rest api
  • Exporter should point to local EvsRestAPI for integration testing.  
  • Can point to Prod for development for stability and latest data.
  • Need to have tier specific properties file for exporter.

Action items