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Discussion items

EVS History
  • Tested load on DataQA for 20.11e and went well

MySQL new database

Tested using and going well so far.

OWL2 loader issues
  • Testing new loader on Dev, should complete later this afternoon.
  • Will need review in browser.
  • Other tests?

EVS Metrics dashboard

schedule kickoff

  • What questions are being asked that the metrics need to support
  • Send questions to me and I will present to Lyubov
  • List of tools for capture and where are they located. 
    • I have list from sitestats.  The AWS are just those below
  • How should data be presented? Website or report?
  • Need to hook into Google analytics / Cabana
  • Long time storage for analytics data from AWS
  • Who has access to the dashboard - inside firewall?

Testing done, should go up tiers tomorrow

EVS Explorer
Nothing new

EVS Exporter

Responding to QA feedback.

  • Some timeout issues - 15 minute limit
  • Looking at asynchronous options - long polling
  • Working on prototype

Stardog 6 end of life

Are going to address once release is complete

Going to go to 7 or skip to 8?

Action items

  • Tracy - build up outline document for Metrics project