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Discussion items

MySQL new database
  • Next steps? Reply to DBA that testing successful. 

New loader on Dev
  • 95% there
  • Needs to not reconfirm metadata overwrite

Protege byCode early next year
  • Next release of Protege will make all qualifiers by-code
  • should eliminate need for Sed script for EVSRestAPI
  • If LexEVS fully byCode, will eliminate need for Sed script there too

Refresh on-prem hardware

Gen 7 servers no longer supported.  Look at move to new blades for Prod and processing.  All else will be VMs.

Combine processing and loading onto one blade?

AWS connection timeouts
Timeouts being enforced and breaking connections on the servers.  Not yet been able to adapt software so are writing in long polling. Looking at in-memory caching. Have a worker thread that will drop off older reports from cache - time: possibly an hour. Users would be able to kick off multiple reports. Sounds like we will need some user stress testing.

Action items