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Discussion items

  • Google Analytics policy is to not supply User IP
  • We will be unable to report user data unless we find a different capture
  • Having trouble finding access to AWS usage reports for
  • Jason and I both searching for information in past emails

Evs Exporter Metrics

GA is not in current release but planned for a future sprint.

Will need to get a GoogleID - Mayo to work with Jason

DB update

Tracy Truong working with DBA today to update Stage server

Working with config files in /local/content/evs/lexevs65

  • lbconfig.props
  • lbconfig_browser.props
  • lbconfig_cts2.props
  • /uri-resolver/cts2_uri/

Are we missing any?

Will go to Prod next - no date scheduled. Last step is DataQA

Will need to verify uri-resolver and cts2.


Review of LexEVS for security and up-to-date jars. Possible want a QA security scan? - Jason to request sanity scan on lexevsapi and cts2

EVS Exporter
QA working on it. Possible want an appscan on this, because there is at least one new page.

Action items