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Discussion items

ValueSet QATracy
  • Working on script 1 - to compare CTS2 query with config file
  • Looking into script 2 - to crawl FTP site and compare to config file 
  • Need to meet and discuss req for new loader

MDR Questions 
  • Meeting with Natalia, who is handling caDSR to MDR migration. Any questions I should put to her?
    • Where is MDR getting its EVS data? the EVS file dump for NCIt
    • What vocabularies does it use?  Just NCIt, for now. 
    • Expected lifespan of caDSR? 
      • Curation tool will shut down in ~August, when MDR goes up.
      • SIW will stay up and that uses EVS.  That provides files to UML Loader but that has no loader to MDR yet. Still unclear of future or scheduling
    • Is query that was breaking working now. Vikram working on it and doesn't think it has to do with communication with EVS. Not 100% reproducible. Huge biomarker Value Domain with 5000 objects attached to it. 
    • Do they want any hands-on help? Not at the moment.

EVS Exporter
  • Security review looks good. Some due diligence done for 508.
  • Had to create a new URL so DNS and Apache needed updated. 
  • Had to update configs for supporting REST
  • Google analytics URL shift

Metrics Dashboard
  • New way to interface with Apache logs
  • Kathy Coleman's group pushed back on programatic access to Apache. Can possibly let us download them with a cron job. 
  • Need to do a test service on Dev to measure performance and security
  • Was referred to Larry Brem who said elastic search tech stack would be best way but is still difficult. 
  • Then lay on GA API
  • The GA is designed for websites, not for REST or RMI APIs. 
  • GA data stored for 26 months.

  • Need to develop a storage mechanism
  • Review the website
  • Scott working on powerpoint
  • Looking at getting a setup on a dev for kabana and ekt. Not firmly decided on-prem or AWS
  • awstats reviewed but doesn't have a narrow focus. 
  • Wireframe for presentation

GA Tags on other sites
GA on other sites - Is it worth it to add Google Tags? Unsure for now. Will let EVSExplore run for now.

Action items