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Discussion items

EVS Exporter
  • still on Stage, due to holiday
  • checking if it was scanned - going to put in ticket for scan on Stage

  • operationalize value_set config

Metrics dashboard
  • Sumo Logic tier2 - any dashboards already tier2
    • Delivery to our app needs to be de-identified
  • Need to be able to break out file downloads on EVS site
  • Need access to their reporting and dashboard tools to evaluate whether it meets all requirements

work priority

No guidance yet. Document of vulnerability sent and waiting on feedback - due to holiday.

  • Lucene vulnerability - how is it being surfaced? 
    • Remove Lucene radio button from NCItbrowser and NCImbrowser?

LexEVS loader
  • Working on monolithic index builder for value sets. Failing ugly on GC error
  • Better error handling now
  • broken index smaller so it's faster and has a smaller footprint
  • Better thread handling and memory
  • Have we seen this on other applications? Yes. 
    • LoadOWL2 - 12g
    • LoadMetaBatch -12g
    • BuildAssertedValueSetIndex -16g


Mayo interviews soon - 

Still searching for Kumar's position -

Action items