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Discussion items

EVS Exporter
  • Typo quick fix
  • Will still need appscan?
  • Notify QA of limited fix

NCI Terms Browser
  • New version on Prod
    • New scan with vulnerability
  • Systems does not do deployments to DataQA
  • Metadata updated on DataQA

Metrics Dashboard
  • Been meeting with intake team
  • Authorizations required for connectors
    • OKTA group membership needed
    • Mayo to send info and help TS to sign up
  • JO keeping tabs

EVS Rest API Value Sets

LexEVS Loader
  • Thread management fixed on VS loader
  • OWL2 loader does not throw same errors - but does have heap errors
  • Metathesaurus loader - similar but not same thread control
    • Fails near the end if it runs out of memory
    • Clean up not quite working
    • Qualifier processing at the end takes up ALL the cores and memory hog
      • Will dive into hyperthreading

Work priority
  • Lucene security
    • NCI Terms Browser - remove advanced search lucene?
  • technical debt
  • loader will fit in here somewhere

  • No Triplestore for Metathesaurus
    • Put rest service on top the EVSRestAPI can use
  • LexEVS RMI - caDSR internal
    • We have their code so know what queries they run
  • SIW - CTS2

Future proofing - EVS Rest API absorb other vocabularies?

MetaAPI over LexEVS?

Action items