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Discussion items

  • Meta being worked on by Brian?
    • What timeframe?
  • Looking at upgrading Java to 11 and Elastic Search
  • Java 11 on Jenkins

EVS Exporter
  • Looking at upgrading dependencies
  • Next release on Stage now - hierarchy depth fix

  • Looking at upgrading Java and Elastic Search for this too
  • No discussion on other terminologies (Snomed, MedDRA)

NCI Terms
Won't upgrade Java unless required. Did a test update

Metrics Dashboard
  • No ATO for Sumo Logic - based on Eric Scott meeting
    • Have template for how collectors will work going forward
    • Will need to submit project to access Prod info

Technical Debt
  • Did test update of Java 11 of LexEVS API before. Won't update unless required.
  • Plan to hold a meeting to discuss and get feedback

Future outlook
  • What is expected of the next year from Mayo
  • How will loading process change and when?

Action items