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Discussion items

Java 11
  • Briefly brought up last meeting. Any needed followup?
    • Put in a JIRA item for LexEVS. Feature request/Improvement - low
    • Already one in for the browsers
    • Already one if for Rest stack
  • Java 8 end of premier support March 2022

Meta on EVSRest

Nothing new - ongoing

  • Issues - show source hierarchy
    • show source only synonyms

Metrics Dashboard
  • Sumo logic
    • still working on domain information
    • not happy with current options
  • Lyubov's feedback
    • Drop down for sources to report
    • Need to export to report
  • How to break down reports
    • new users per what time period
  • How to ingest old logs
    • How to access
  • ATO process - since sumo didn't actually go through process
    • We need a project name to put in ATO spreadsheet for Eric Scott 
      • EVS Statistical Dashboard
      • Jason will review process for EVS Exporter that they went through with Sharif.
    • Manish claims platform ATO
  • Need very simple instructions on how to approach and use dashboard
  • How to administer user accounts 
    • We ask specifically for user accounts for specific users
    • We would have admin accounts
      • We would say which dashboards are visible to certain users
      • Process would need documentation

  • Not been very responsive with fixing logs previously
  • Issues with log processor broken
  • Will rely on same person to get any historical logs

  • Still no word on Kumar replacement
  • Any information given to Mayo on future plans
    • Option year extended to 2022, Aug 30
    • Meeting with Lyuba on Friday
    • Touching base with PIIs they have worked with previously
  • Any information given to MSC on future plans
    • No news
  • No future information for Leidos

Possibly being retired - still waiting for hard news

Action items