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Server Migration

Heard nothing new

Wiki migration
Heard nothing new

Term browser release
On Stage?

Metrics Dashboard
  • Several issues being dealt with
    • Can't touch Prod logs until ATO is complete
      • Should have one solution for both on-prem and cloud
    • Many issues require actions by Systems or Cloud teams
  • Log rotation - to be addressed with Systems and Ops
    • There no overriding rule with on-prem and cloud logs having different archive procedures
    • Different formats for log access. 
  • Last major technical issue is measure duration of access. 
    • Looking at taking info from Google and feeding it into Sumo
      • How would the credentialing work for this?
      • Tracy will double check how it is done

Mapping Tool
  • Prototype ready that does what the compare tool did.
  • Met with editors today
    • Some dissension on what could and should be done
    • Semantic types and properties should be output not input - possibly
    • Need to be strict in communications including Lori
  • Some background mapping information provided
  • A few business rule implementations to be worked upon
  • Some output formatting to be wrapped up
  • Upload of text files for compare

Action items