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Discussion items

Server Migration
  • Server Migration 2021
  • Still awaiting write access to /local/content/evs
    • Will test loading after this is done
  • Waiting on Sumo due to restrictive naming conventions
  • Put in ticket for Jenkins tracks for new dev
    • One ticket for browsers
    • One ticket for services
  • Chuck out this week

Wiki migration

Term browser release

Deployed to DataQA - complete

Metrics dashboard

Doing demo on 18th for Sumo collector

Prototype or beta for all use cases - including duration

ATO - No movement from Manish. Sumo Logic full ATO stalled indefinitely. Might need to go with an individual request rather than rely on the global.  Need to meet with Eric Scott

EVSAPI and EVSExplorer have no Apache and ALB logs don't have the same level of information.  Maybe leverage Google Tags for EVSExplorer. Options for EVSAPI?

Mapping Tool

Basics taken care of - similar to original version

Awaiting feedback from editors after demo

Curate feedback to determine what to implement

Application likely to expand in the future - perhaps leverage existing technology at Mayo?

Testing protocols
Possible do post-Apache testing - using and since they might behave differently

Action items