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Remennik, LyubovNIH/NCI
hahn-Dantona, LizNIH/NCI [C]
Quinn, TheresaNIH/NCI [C]
Garrett, AlphaNIH/NCI [C]
Whiteman, LoriNIH/NCI [C]
Bauer, Scott  Mayo
Stancl, CraigMayo
Endle,  CoryMayo


Report Exporter Planning Feature Review with Editors


  • Review prototype
    • Lori and others thought the survey looked fine.
      • She didn't think having the survey automatically appearing would be user friendly.
  • Roles workflow prototype
  • "all or none roles for concepts you put in" choice.  Users may not want to choose specific roles for each concept.
    • We don't need to see what roles are available. We can have an option to bypass this page.
    • Sort the roles listing - top should have roles with most concepts (ranking)
    • Search by name of Roles
    • Notify user if concept doesn't have roles. Put message on page if concept(s) don't have roles
  • Keep it simple
    • Every concept may not have roles.
  • Output - concept name and concept code columns should all be population (so user can sort on column)
  • Associations workflow
  • Lyuba suggested this should be same design as above.
    • Sort on associations that are shared and rank (like above)
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