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Log4j & other security updates
  • Term Browser and Meta Browser picking up new vulnerabilities each scan, so stuck on QA. Some are false positives.
    • Browsers relying on 6.5.4 which is older 1.x log4j.
    • CTS2, CTS2-service, LexEVS service and LexEVS being upgraded.
    • lexevs-remote still being worked on
  • EVSRestAPI moving up
  • EVS Explorer and EVSREStAPI v2 updating log4j again.

Dev VM
  • Still waiting on Jenkins
    • Escalated the ticket today - 


  • Old dev having issues
    • Same DB issue as mentioned below?
  • Server Migration 2021
    • Mark Benson contacted Tracy - showed the migration page.

Started? No notifications yet.  Have VM created but don't know status of configuration

Metrics Dashboard
Some conversations about Whois not working.  Whois does limit traffic if too many pings. 

Dev and QA databases not auto restarted

Update on server last Friday. MySQL not restarted after. Should be automatic and has been previously. 

Do we need to test every update? We aren't getting notices of all maintenance.

URL update

Update to

  • There are 4 URLs to meta and they don't want to create 4 new ones.
  • Multiple URLs to other services, like ncit. 
  • They are questioning whether we need Stage access external. This is useful for failover. 

Action items