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Discussion items

  • Working its way through QA
    • lexevs-remote tests updated for data
    • CTS2 on deck
    • Unknown browser pending

VM migration
  • Chuck to cut over dev URLs this week
    • server shutdown after URLs verified
  • QA work still pending
  • Mark Benson set up meeting Monday at 3PM

  • List of users added to Sumo
    • Lyubov may still need to be added?
  • Some collectors waiting on the URL change for dev
  • Exporter and EVS Rest API trying to get Apache proxies in place
    • Jason working on that
  • Domain resolver.  Have no permanent solution but working on prototypes.
    • Leaning towards a service rather than the current script
    • Still likely to be attached to URI resolver - need architecture meeting


New SOP needed. 

Need to discuss with Lori who will actually do the work.

Vocabulary data

Looks like GO and ChEBI are still February. Will check again tomorrow.

Meta possible this Friday

Swathi vacation

Will be off most of March. Any major projects coming in that time?

Possibly try and push compare up before then. Otherwise might fall to Itendra.

EVS Compare
  • With Kathy trying to clear administrative hurdles.  Will need to do that before meeting with engineering
  • Security has not responded yet to our contact

Report Exporter
1.1.3 passed QA and is being scanned.

Action items