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Discussion items

  • Browsers?  - Up on Prod and ready to go to DataQA. Jason will send notice
  • LexEVS - On Stage.  Need a Tomcat configuration change on Prod.  Need to check with LR next meeting.  Will then go to DataQA after.
    • software ready, waiting on Tomcat configuration to hide stack trace.
  • CTS2/URI Resolver - On Stage. Log4j fix should be ready for promotion
    • There is a URI Resolver bug being worked on for later 

VM Migration
  • Dev complete
  • QA still pending
    • Meeting on Tuesday but no systems update

  • Loaded on DataQA and under review
  • Possibly need to spin off post-processing into its own script

EVS Compare
  • Clearing mechanical hurdles slowly
    • Meeting with engineering next week

Metrics and Sumo
  • What is needed for reporting to Lyubov? Notes on meeting below
  • What reports is she getting now, in what form?
  • Options for incorporating older data
  • EVS RestAPI now has Apache but waiting on Systems for collector
    • Only on Dev but for all applications
    • Need to run a stress test on the API
  • Need to talk to Manish about API for Sumo
  • Also possibly look at pulling from Google Analytics
  • Sitestats had some automated bot filtering but Sumo does not.


Attendees: Mark Benson, Lyubov, Cory, Tracy, Scott 

  • Reports should do the following: 
  • Run reports at any time (ad hoc)
  • Monthly reports 
  • Ability to compare January to February statistics (or any given months) 
  • Ability to do comparisons as needed 

Metrics roughly the ones shown during our demo including:

  • Define a time period to compare 
  • Number of visits 
  • Number of visitors from different URL 
  • All parameters by the tool should be available monthly 
  • Example: From June – July, what are the number of visits 


  Mayo team to create reports and show them in a couple of weeks.  

  The reports will be created in spreadsheets 

  Our team will work from feedback. 

  To be defined:

    List of people receiving reports

    Location of reports

User should be able to dynamically create reports.  (If this is a requirement, and needs to be done outside of Sumo Logic, we may need to discuss a development cycle for a new application including asking for extended Sumo support for working through their API)

Action items