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Discussion items

VM Migration
  • Still stalled

EVS Compare
  • Server instance exists but still need to configure apache
  • Need to update Docker instance to CentOS
  • Need to finalize workflow - in cooperation with TT
  • Docker was recommended by the cloud team
    • EVS Explore is a typical war file deployment (probably)

HHS Footer
  • CTS2Docs on Prod
  • No new information on Swagger

EOL Issues
  • Attempts to contact security team have met with slow response
  • Possibly in Craig (Haines) hands now
  • Would be nice to know what their strategy is.
  • Browsers tried to strip Spring out as a test but it didn't work
  • caDSR still has dependencies on EVS API and we don't have a firm data on retirement
  • Will be a while - weeks to months - before we have an API ready for browser testing

Canmed update
  • New library jar working and editors accepted
  • Shell script needs to be updated to use new jar

Penetration Testing
  • No new input for a couple of weeks, so seem to be done
  • Was on-prem stage and prod.
  • Don't know if AWS or other cloud will be tested

EVS Explore
Now includes NCIm

Action items