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Discussion items

Remote API
  • Local lexevsapi work advancing. 
    • Likely leave loaders intact for now
    • Question was asked about MedDRA loader - it is not in use.
  • Remote API - Not started

  • Work on this has started
    • CTRP user
    • lucene needs updated
    • mysql connector
    • java update is a concern

Sumo Logic
  • Collector added for prod evsexplore, but is not hooked to apache logs yet
    • Looking at getting apache installed on Prod
  • EOL studies - To be worked on 7/7
    • NCIt Browser functionality
      • what incoming URL is used
      • Where do people browse
        • Do they use advanced search
        • Do they use visualization
        • Any other non-core concept details pages
        • Any other terminologies than NCIt
    • CTS2 functionality
      • how many unique users
      • what queries are run
      • what terminologies are queried
  • Jason to request 

New employee

Starts July 25. Unknown how long it will take to get NIH access. 

Maybe switch meetings to Teams?

Action items