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Discussion items

Remote API
  • RemoteAPI not currently in scope for Spring update
    • LexEVS Security jar was having jar compatibility issues. Being worked on
  • Other jars being removed as needed.
    • Suggest dependency handling in browser rather than jars - such as Maven. Will make it much easier to diagnose and update

Local LexEVS
  • RC3 deployed to Dev and behaving. Browser compatibility due to mismatched jars, work continuing
    • Working on our test suite to be able to effectively test on Dev

  • Nearing Dev deployment stage. Some cleanup
    • Working on local testing - including mapping testing
    • Verifying output against Prod
    • Need to update PTE and deployment instructions

End of Life
  • Spring update touching everything. Continued need to update vulnerabilities, made difficult due to older architecture
  • Lucene not being touched in this scope but is aging and presents a risk
    • We can probably drop the majority of query types
  • EVS Explore increasing in capabilities
    • Gap analysis of functionality
      • Terminologies - missing
        • Need to forward links to concept details
      • Mappings
        • Manual mappings NCIt-GO, NCIt-HGNC, NCIt-ChEBI
        • Currently converted to LgXML. Update to convert to OWL?
    • Possibility of adding more visible links to EVS Explore?
  • CTS2 transition off of LexEVS
    • Translator from LexEVS to CTS2
    • Identify user and convince them to move
      • Possibly do a test shutdown - would likely be a week or more
      • Would need advanced communication that it will be "down for maintenance"

Report Exporter
  • Needs update to Vue 3
    • Any know issues or requirements?

EVS Compare Tool
  • Installed on AWS but hasn't been addressed. Needs work
    • Need editor review

AWS migrate
  • Old stuff was in a broad bucket so will need to be parsed into specific areas
  • Newer projects (EVS Compare, Report Exporter) should not be affected

Server migration
Still stuck on QA? No timeline yet for DataQA update. Need to follow up with Mark and Chuck?

Action items