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Discussion items

Remote API
  • Created a LexEVSService.jar to resolve compatability issues
    • returns default service, no longer fully supporting remote RMI
  • Browser error on RemoteServerUtil
    • Kim has limited bandwidth to fix this.
    • Scott retiring tomorrow so also has limited ability to help

Local LexEVS
  • RC4 deployed and appears to be working. Tests being run and tweaked.


Preparing a deployment to Dev. Some architecture changes require updates to the build script

Running in local container - need to do a test deploy to Dev

EVS Compare

Working to get a deployed instance on Dev

  • Jenkins track yet?

Report Exporter
Designing Vue upgrade to vue3

End of Life
  • Still need to look at how links to ncitermsbrowser Concept Details can be forwarded to EVS Explore
  • Need to agree on a format for loading mappings
    • Maybe needs to come from Brian?
  • CTS2 - Waiting to hear if we can identify users
    • Might need to do a test shutdown - need gov approval

AWS Migrate
Any further action needed?

Action items